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Coaching Discovery Call

Service Description

Embark on a transformative journey with our Coaching Discovery Call – a personalized session designed to illuminate the path to your best self. During this empowering conversation, you'll connect with an experienced coach who will listen attentively to your aspirations, challenges, and dreams. Our Coaching Discovery Call serves as a compass, guiding you through self-discovery and identifying the key areas of your life where coaching can make a profound impact. Together, we'll explore your goals, uncover potential obstacles, and outline a roadmap for success. This complimentary session is a dynamic opportunity to experience the power of coaching firsthand. Whether you're seeking clarity in your personal or professional life, the Coaching Discovery Call is a transformative step towards unlocking your full potential. It's time to gain insights, set intentions, and take the first strides toward a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Schedule your call today and let the journey to clarity begin. Please note: A $50 non-refundable or transferrable deposit must be made within 24-hours of scheduling your first coaching session. Your deposit will be deducted from the cost of your 2nd coaching session.

Cancellation Policy

1. Non-Refundable Payments: All payments made towards this service with Obsidian Kollective Healing & Coaching, LLC are non-refundable. Once payment is received, it is considered final and cannot be refunded under any circumstances. A $50 deposit is due to book your first session, within 24-hours of your clarity call. Your deposit is non refundable or transferable. Your deposit will be deducted from your 2nd coaching session, for individual coaching services. For group and couples coaching services, your $50 deposit will be applied to your group balance owed. Your deposit is a one time fee. 2. Payment Deadlines: Members are required to make payments as outlined in practice policies, email correspondence and or group services and coaching contracts. 3. Transferability: Payments made for Obsidian Kollective Healing & Coaching, LLC services are non-transferable. They cannot be transferred to another member or applied to future events or activities. 4. Payment Methods: Accepted payment methods include, credit or debit cards via Square invoice, ONLY. Payments must be made in the designated currency. Services may not be paid by Cash app, Apple Cash, or Zelle. 5. Confirmation of Payments: You will receive confirmation of payment for services via square invoice receipt upon successful payment processing based on the email you have provided on file. 6. Exceptions: In exceptional circumstances, such as event or session cancellation, a refund or credit to your services may be issued at the discretion of Sherri White, Practice Owner. 7. Policy Review: This payment policy is subject to periodic review and may be updated or modified by the Obsidian Kollective Healing & Coaching, LLC administration as necessary. Any changes to the policy will be communicated to members in a timely manner by email. 8. Contact Information: For inquiries or concerns regarding payments, please contact Sherri White at (980) 279-9282 or in writing at:

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