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I can just talk to my friend, she's like my therapist!

Updated: Jan 20

First, welcome to my blog page! This page has been created as a necessary addition to my practice website as a means of connecting, educating, and snatching your edges as needed!

Now that we have gotten the formalities out of the way.

Let's get into it! Your friend, family member, spouse, children, and co-workers are not responsible for your mental and emotional well-being, YOU ARE! Remember this, if you don't remember anything else you read in this blog pos, understand that your mental health is your responsibility. It is unfair and even irresponsible to have your loved ones carry the weight of your overwhelm. Don't get me wrong, talking things through from time to time for the sake of quick feedback is perfectly fine. However; TRAUMA DUMPING is not. When we constantly seek validation, agreement, or direction from others regarding our challenges without, first attempting to exhaust every option at our disposal to manage our own internal needs, we are holding them captive to "fix" things for us. This can become both exhausting and overwhelming.

In recent years, the conversation surrounding mental health has gained momentum, breaking down stigma and encouraging open discussions, especially within the black and brown communities. Alongside traditional therapeutic approaches, a new player has emerged in the mental health landscape – Mental Health Coaching. This post aims to shed light on why mental health coaching is increasingly recognized as a crucial component in achieving and maintaining overall well-being.

Mental health coaching offers a holistic approach to wellness by not only addressing specific mental health issues but also considering the individual as a whole. It recognizes the interconnectedness of various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and lifestyle. By focusing on the entirety of a person's life, mental health coaching helps individuals develop a more comprehensive and sustainable wellness plan. The next few paragraphs will outline the benefits of mental health coaching for you.

  1. Mental health coaching offers empowerment and the journey of self-discovery, while empowering individuals to take an active role in their healing journey. Empowerment builds resilience as we navigate life's challenges.

  2. Mental health coaching is inherently goal-oriented, with a focus on setting and achieving specific objectives. This structured approach helps individuals move forward, overcome obstacles, and make meaningful progress in their lives.

  3. Coaches serve as a source of accountability and support for individuals on their healing journey. Regular sessions create a space for reflection, progress assessment, and adjustments to the wellness plan.

  4. Mental health coaching is not meant to replace traditional therapeutic interventions but rather to complement them. Many individuals find that combining therapy with coaching creates a comprehensive and balanced approach to mental health. While therapy may delve into past experiences and deep-rooted issues, coaching focuses on the present and future, making them a powerful duo in promoting overall well-being.

  5. One of the strengths of mental health coaching lies in its emphasis on skill-building. Coaches work with individuals to develop practical coping mechanisms, communication skills, and resilience strategies. These skills are not only beneficial in managing current challenges but also serve as lifelong tools for navigating the complexities of life.

In a world where mental health is increasingly prioritized, the role of mental health coaching cannot be overstated. Its holistic approach, focus on empowerment, goal-oriented nature, and collaboration with traditional therapies make it a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their mental well-being. As we continue to evolve in our understanding of mental health, mental health coaching stands out as a beacon of support, guiding individuals towards a path of self-discovery, resilience, and lasting wellness.

I am glad you are HERE!

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