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Sherri White

Empowering You to Embrace Your Unique Strengths

​​Plot Twist! I found myself feeling stuck and overwhelmed both personally and professionally around 2018.  I desperately craved change, but playing within the confines of safety and insecurity left me stuck.  I knew I wanted more and had more to offer, I just needed to figure out the quicksand of my overactive brain.  I was full of ideas but lacked focus.  In 2020, in the thick of the pandemic, I began devising an exit plan for myself from stuck to soaring.  I needed to take time to refocus, rebrand, and relaunch how I delivered services and supportive interventions to others. I craved more freedom to create and expand services to my clients.  I knew the tremendous value in the work I provided as a therapist for others, but it was no longer enough for me, I craved change and had to make it happen!  I decided to leap and began the process of closing my marriage and family therapy practice.  It was time for me to chase my dreams.  At this moment, Obsidian Kollective Healing & Coaching took its first breath! ​

Obsidian Kollective provides a space to meet and challenge our thoughts, mindsets, and intentions toward healing. We will support black women as they master the art of understanding and owning their ability, power, and responsibility to manifest healing, growth, discovery, and unapologetic living. My coaching style is a “mix tape” of intuition, realness, humor, a splash of girlfriend brunch behavior, the support of your favorite auntie, the spirituality of Neo Soul, and the wisdom of melanin goddesses before my birth.  I am here to support your journey of healing and self-discovery.  If you seek challenge, change, support, and healing, please complete a contact form and schedule your FREE coaching clarity call.

I would love to work with you!​​ I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!


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